Lahıc Su

From Babadag to homes and offices.

We present the best gift of nature – natural spring water from Babadag mountain.

Water Purified by Nature and Delivered with Love

Our pristine water flows from Babadag Mountain. The bountiful “stream” is the wellspring that constantly provides fresh, clean water to homes and offices.


Protection from Bacteria

Though spring water is naturally clean, we try our best to make sure that our water is bacteria-free at all production stages.


No Contaminants

We control the production process of our water to make sure you receive the best product from the company, which you can trust.


Automated Bottling Lines

The process of bottling the spring water at our plant is fully automatized. However, we always control it to ensure the high quality.

From ancient times to homes and offices.

Our mission is to supply the Azerbaijani homes and offices with high-quality spring water from an ancient spring that was used by Caravans for many centuries before.

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Our Products

19 L Natural Spring Water

4.00 ₼

Enjoy your favorite spring water in the most popular shape - 19L polycarbonate bottle.

Water pump

7.00 ₼

Compatible with 19L water bottles.

We Work to Offer the Best Customer Service


Online Ordering

Our online store is always open to customers who prefer to drink quality spring water.’ websites.


Free Delivery

Lahıc Su is delivered to homes and offices in and around Baku for free!


Friendly Managers

Our team of friendly managers is always ready to help. Feel free to contact us for more information.